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Slot Machine Review: Primate King

With Primate King, Red Tiger transports us to the heart of the forest. You don’t have to be a pop-culture expert to recognize that the slot is based on a specific monarch of Skull Island, and Red Tiger has done a fine job adapting the persona for their slot machine. Players who like the escalating value of Red Tiger’s payouts will feel right at home with this slot’s many wild enhancements and bonus bonuses. This review will go deeper into what this free, medium-volatility slot machine has to offer.

Primate King Slots: How to Play!

Primate King is Red Tiger’s take on the various online slots that have taken the King Kong theme and ran with it. Instead of going for a lighthearted, cartoonish vibe like King Kong Cash, Primate King has chosen for something darker and more reminiscent of Kong: Skull Island.

The slot has a sleek design, similar to that of other Red Tiger games, with some tasteful animations and a simple UI. All that’s needed to get started is a click on the “stake” button in the lower left. This will provide you a range of possibilities, from a minimum stake of $0.20 up to a maximum of $20. This price point is reasonable and should appeal to shoppers on a tighter budget.

Specifics of the Primate King Slot’s Gameplay

Playing Primate King is a breeze. The action unfolds on a 5×4 grid, with the potential for a sixth reel to become active later on. Each spin can yield one of thirty possible paylines.

The rest of the game’s lore may be found with little effort. The paytable is accessible via a menu in the top right corner, and there is a help button in the bottom left corner that will provide you information on how to play.

Here you will find detailed descriptions of each symbol. The highest paying icon is a treasure chest, which is not surprising given that the wild card is the game’s most valuable feature. The remaining symbols are made up of random objects that could be discovered in the King’s throne room.

Mobile Slot Playing with “Primate King”

While the setting of Primate King is the jungle, the game itself is far from primal. The slot is also compatible with mobile devices running the Android and iOS operating systems. Players switching from the desktop version to the touch version won’t notice any differences in performance.

Slot Bonus Rounds for the Primate King

Primate King shares Red Tiger’s deep appreciation for advancing through levels of difficulty. There will be a three-tiered meter on the screen’s right side. Gold coins tied to random symbols that appear during spins will be added to the coin total. The normal Wild symbol is upgraded to an expanding wild spanning 1×4 of the reels once you’ve collected 30 coins and activate the initial upgrade.

For an additional 30 coins, you may gain access to the second upgrade, which adds a random multiplier to your Wilds. When the meter is full (which happens at 90 coins), the Wild becomes sticky and the multiplier goes up. After a losing spin, the Wild symbol will remain on the reels until a winning combination is formed. This is, needless to say, an excellent method for keeping you around and playing.

Once you’ve unlocked all three Wild enhancements, you can keep them for the duration of the game. If you get to the bonus meter, the slot machine will add a sixth reel, giving you a better opportunity to win big.

Even when you’re not winning or filling up the meter, the slot machine hopes to keep you entertained. After a Wild lands in a losing combination, the game’s Primate Smash function may be activated at random. When this occurs, the Primate King himself will appear, clearing the reels of any low-paying symbols and replacing them with more lucrative ones.

Probability of a Win, Maximum Payout, and Game Volatility on “Primate King” Slot

While there is no progressive jackpot in Primate King, players may still win large because to the game’s multiplier structure and three bonus features. A fantastic 3,800x your stake win is possible after all six reels have been triggered during the bonus round.

Primate King has a return to player percentage of 95.66 percent.

Synopsis of the Primate King Slot

How much you enjoy Primate King will depend on how you feel about its progression-based aspects. You may want to explore elsewhere for a slot machine that provides both readily available bonuses and a free spins bonus game. Play Primate King at one of our top-rated online casinos if you don’t mind putting in some time and effort in order to reap long-term benefits. Unlocking the game’s Wild features will significantly increase your earnings, but doing so will take some time.

Even if you’re not into the features, there’s still a lot to like here. Both the gameplay and the visuals are strong despite their seeming simplicity. However, some players will be put off by the game’s extreme volatility and the absence of greater wagering alternatives.






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